Pakistan has currently found itself in the middle of political and economic chaos amid an equally disturbing social dilemma. Every other day, videos circulate spreading the outrage. The content of these short clips is nothing more than disturbing abuses, assaults, humiliations, tortures, rapes and brutal killings. Every single man, woman and child is potentially insecure but the vulnerable ratio of women outnumbers the other two significantly.

It feels like women’s rights are only penned down in the supreme constitution solely. The masses are completely unaware of the due expectations and rights of the country’s women population. This notion apparently seems to be homogeneous in every class of Pakistan. We observed how Noor Mukaddam was brutally slaughtered by an American-Pakistani Psychiatrist Zahir Jaffer. The analogous or more of the deserved punishment still seems to be a pendulum.

Take the recent example of Danish from Faisalabad who tortured and humiliated a medical student Khadija just because she refused to marry him. Similarly, we come across many such cases where children are raped, men are tortured, and women are forced to marry or murdered for the sake of masculine honour. The situation is turning worst every other day, but the representatives are busy in their tug of war to rule and ecstatic in celebrating the champagne of Power. As we zoom out the lens, the institutions look to be stuck in the execution of constitutional and governing policies. The impeachment of authority is the new norm in Pakistan.

On the contrary, hundreds of people have died in the recent monsoon. As we reach the brink of the monsoon, the government appears to be glad as they won’t have to face the same flux of queries over their performance. The only object at stake right now is the life, liberty and property of the poor. The financial hub of Pakistan, Karachi, will drown every coming summer but the Sindh government can not do anything about it because they are obliqued to adhere to the scientific theory of Bilawal Bhutto Sahab that the amount of rain proximate the water.

The rain has looped over many precious lives throughout the geography of Pakistan. Thousands of people are now under the open sky homeless. In addition to this social suffering and fragmentation of society and laws are making the whole outlook miserable. The dual standards are the melancholic sagas of this racist fragmented society. The lawlessness is evidently shacking the basic social foundation of this country.

I wonder if people in charge will even give heed to it but still, I would say that the federal and provincial governments must consider it and should make sure that the criminals get what they deserve as soon as possible. We must not forget that justice is delayed is justice denied. Passing bills from the National Assembly won’t bring any good, implementation of them must be ensured so that we can make this country a liveable place for every single citizen of it.