The United Arab Emirates announced immediate aid and support for our country, including shelter and food for those affected by the floods in Pakistan. The devastating floods followed by the unprecedented monsoon rains in Pakistan have climbed about 1000 lives and affected more than 19 million people across Pakistan in mid-June, the NDMA confirmed. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan ordered Saturday the provision of immediate relief aid to Pakistan, which is seeing torrential rains and floods resulting in deaths, injuries, and displacements. Also, he ordered the provision of all humanitarian relief services to the dislocated to enhance their ability to get over the challenges are witnessing. 

Meanwhile, the UAE relief aid includes 3000 tonnes of food supplies, tents, and shelter materials, as well as medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Also, the UAE relief teams will provide humanitarian support to Pakistani institutions and cadres concerned with the efforts to secure the affected and food, logistical and medical needs. So the Pakistani government also must take immediate action to provide food and other beneficial materials.


Khuzdar Wadh.