LAHORE   -    Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman has said that Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif is working tirelessly for the rehabilitation of flood victims by taking all institutions on board.

Talking to various delegations from different areas including Bahawalpur, which called on the Governor Punjab at the Governor’s House here on Tuesday, Muhammad Balighur Rehman said the floods have caused widespread destruction in the country and it will take a long time to rebuild houses, schools, hospitals and roads that have been swept away by the floods.

He said the country is currently going through a crisis, adding that the flood victims should be helped at this time and resettled in their homes.

Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman said it is national duty of everyone to help the flood victims. He said that Pakistan Army, Rescue 1122 and the departments of provincial government are rendering valuable services in the relief operation for the flood victims.

He further said the work of various welfare organizations and the business community for the flood victims is also commendable.

The governor Punjab said the Governor House will continue to send ration and relief goods to the flood victims with support from philanthropists and NGOs. He said, as chancellor of public-sector universities, he has mobilised the universities for flood relief campaign, adding that relief goods are also being dispatched to the flood victims from the public and private universities. He said that manpower from universities is also participating in the relief operation in the flood affected areas of South Punjab.