BERLIN -German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Tuesday he wanted to hurry through reforms to the electricity market to ease the pressure on consumers and businesses ahead of the coming European winter. Russia has dwindled supplies of gas to Europe following the invasion of Ukraine, sending the price for the fuel soaring and dragging up the cost of electricity in its wake. Non-gas electricity companies, such as nuclear, solar or renewable firms, had been able to “make extra profits because the price is determined by the electricity produced with gas”, Scholz said in a speech in Berlin. Germany and the European Union have developed proposals to cream off windfall profits from non-gas producers to ease the pressure on consumers and companies sinking under the weight of soaring bills. “We will now push this through with great speed so that we can relieve the burden,” Scholz said. “You can be sure that this will happen at the speed necessary to get it under control this winter,” Scholz said. Germany has raced to fill up its gas storage tanks ahead of the energy-intensive season and rushed to build gas terminals to import new supplies from elsewhere.