TORONTO   -    More than 50,000 members of the Sikh community gathered at mass prayers to express support and solidarity with the Khalistan movement.

The mass prayer, called Ardas, was offered to support Khalistan Referendum being held on 18th of this month in Canada.

Participants of the mass prayer were carrying yellow flags inscribed with Khalistan slogans. Men, women and children chanted slogans and vowed to continue the struggle till the creation of Khalistan.

The Sikhs for Justice (SKJ) organised the event. SFJ’s Counsel General Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said that thousands of young Canadian Sikhs have shown their enthusiasm in the democratic process of Khalistan Referendum. He said the Canadian Sikh community’s response to upcoming voting is overwhelming.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said last week, Canadian Sikhs registered a new record in support of the Khalistan movement by taking out a car rally that stretched to several kilometers, consisting of over 2000 vehicles including cars and iconic Canadian trucks.

Under the Khalistan Referendum campaign, Sikh people have been asked whether the Indian governed Punjab should be an independent country.