Commissioner Karachi announces revival of District Sports Committees

LAHORE - Commissioner Karachi, Mu­hammad Saleem Rajput, has announced the imminent re­instatement of District Sports Committees in all seven dis­tricts of Karachi within the next three days. 

During this announcement, Commissioner M Slaeem Ra­jput urged sports organizations to formulate comprehensive plans for sporting competi­tions, ensuring the continuous flow of sports activities in Ka­rachi. He emphasized the need to host provincial and nation­al-level competitions in Ka­rachi, with sponsorship from the Commissioner’s office, and shared his ambitious vision of creating an “Olympic City” on a 50-acre plot in Karachi. 

The Commissioner stated, “I have exerted every effort possi­ble to promote sports in Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan, and by the grace of the Almighty, we will witness numerous sporting events in Karachi, thanks to the collaborative efforts of sports organizers.” He also mentioned plans to enhance the condition of sports facilities in Karachi, pledging to issue directives to the respective Deputy Com­missioners in each district for this purpose. 

The gathering of sports or­ganizers included notable fig­ures such as Begum Asma Ali Shah, Syed Waseem Hashmi, Asif Azim, Ghulam Muhammad Khan, Khalid Rahmani, Ghulam Abbas Jamal Advocate, Ejaz Ahmed Qureshi, Jameel Hout, Abdul Hameed Baloch, Khalid Brohi, Muhammad Taqi, Shab­nam Hayat, Sana Ali, Saeed Jameel, Junaid, Ahmed Khan, Imtiaz Sheikh, and Shahida Shoaib Rizvi and others. 

The Commissioner Kara­chi assigned Asif Azeem and Ghulam Muhammad Khan the task of preparing a three-month sports competition schedule, to be finalized by September 13. The meeting concluded with international hockey coach Mohammad Akhlaq presenting a bouquet of flowers to Commissioner Karachi on behalf of the sports organizers.

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