The Islamabad International Airport is expected to be inaugurated on April 20. The date is not far away but the airport is facing several problems which need to be addressed before its launch. This is going to be flagship airport of Pakistan and it is extremely important that all the required measures are taken to ensure that it is up to the mark. An airport in the capital city needs to fulfil certain required and cannot fall short on them. The fences around the airport need to be fixed because they can create a huge security concern. This has been pointed out by the security officials as well. Fencing is a very basic requirement around airports and a lot depends on it.

An international airport also needs to have a flight kitchen. Missing out on such an intrinsic step will make smooth functioning a little difficult. The reliance on Pakistan International Airline (PIA) to transport the meals from Benazir Bhutto International Airport to the new airport every day is not a feasible plan. The new airport itself needs to have a flight kitchen itself to ensure that everything happens according to the schedule.

Intelligence officials have pointed out that houses near the airport will be vetted to ensure that the security arrangement of the airport has no loopholes. However this process of vetting needs to be done immediately before the launch. If several steps are postponed till after the launch, this might not give the airport the required start. At the same time, if arrangements done at the moment are not up to the mark; the authorities should consider postponing the launch till appropriate arrangements are made. Pushing the launch might create problems which will be difficult to address when the setup is up and running.