Communal tensions are on the rise in India as Muslims in several states are on the edge after mobs came out in processions, making hate speeches and attacking their properties during the Hindu festival of Ram Navmi. As per reports, the majority of violence took place in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkhand and West Bengal on Sunday as the Hindu community celebrated the festival.

The scenes on display are extremely unsettling as videos have been going viral of Hindu men wearing saffron scarves with sticks and swords in their hands as they play provocative songs laced with threats of genocide outside Muslim homes and mosques. It comes as little surprise that some of the worst rioting was reported in areas governed by PM Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with mosques being burned and houses set on fire.

The situation is untenable as the state is now tacitly endorsing such actions and is itself taking inhumane measures against the Muslim community. In Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, where the rioting was particularly severe, the district administration bulldozed at least 16 houses and 29 shops—belonging to those accused of throwing stones at Ram Navmi processions. While authorities claimed that the demolitions were connected to “earlier cases of encroachment”, this is something that has been witnessed in the past as well under the BJP and many view this as a deliberate move by the ruling party to further communal tensions.

The demolition of Muslim-owned homes and shops illustrates how there is now a systematic attempt at making the lives of the minority community unliveable. This is a case of state-complicit violence and a grave violation of the Geneva Convention. Amnesty International is right in pointing out that such punitive demolition of family homes of suspects could also amount to collective punishment, in violation of International Human Rights Law. In recent months, Muslim students have been targeted for wearing Islamic headscarves and fruit vendors have been beaten up, prohibiting them to do business outside the temples. India must be held accountable for its actions and this trend must be brought to a halt before it’s too late.