This is in relation to a report published in your newspaper that ISI has ties with militants. The malicious allegations have always been leveled against Pakistan by USA to hide its own failure and weakness. The Americans have failed miserably in Afghanistan where less than 50, 000 troops from more than 36 countries having their own goals and objectives are meddling in Afghanistan. 93% of the world's poppy crops is being produced right under their nose and the money is being spent to destabilize Pakistan. It is a silly to say ISI is helping militants. Pakistan has given the sort of sacrifices in the war on terror that no country in the world can match but the blame game still goes on. This is because we are weak. It is time the Pakistani nation should unite and voice its resentment against such irresponsible statements that are a direct attack on our integrity. -BILAL SHAHID, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 1.