QUETTA - Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi while expressing concerns over law and order situation has said that he was seriously considering option of resignation from office of governorship. He expressed these views while talking to journalists at Governor House on Thursday. He said that it was responsibility of provincial government to control law and order as police including other administrative departments were under its control. Lamenting over law and order situation, he said that both he and Chief Minister had vowed to make out all efforts for the improvement but despite all efforts law and order condition was deteriorated. On a question regarding confidence-building measures in province, he asked the questioner "can he see any confidence building measures". More over, he said that there were many other able persons who could perform better. Earlier, Governor conferred medals on 18 martyred and serving police officials. Meanwhile, Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani has said that naked use of force to crush the opinion of people of province about their rights was main cause of deteriorating law and order situation in the area. He expressed these views while addressing flag-hoisting ceremony on the eve of 61st Independence Day of Pakistan in the lawns of Balochistan Assembly on Thursday morning. He said that true concept of independence and being a free citizen of a free country was always fascinating and satisfying for every conscious persons. However, he said, "I am not shy in conceding the fact that we have distorted the fundamental concept of independence and sovereignty." He said that social and economic injustice and inequality among the nations were the real factors that had distorted the true concept of independence. " Right from the very outset of the 20th century, the downfall of colonialism started culminating in success of the national liberation movements and most of the countries under the colonial rule attained complete independence," he added. He said, however, it is unfortunate that fast development of communication and the shrinking world converted the world into a global village that gave birth to unkind neo-colonialism that had usurped and swallowed the concept of national independence and sovereignty making it virtually meaningless. Nawab Raisani said that the weaker nations were sovereign symbolically in the present day world. "Following partition of the Sub-Continent, Pakistan came into being as a voluntary federation of nations. However, the real powers were not transferred to the Pakistani people or to their chosen representatives since 1947, " he said and adding: "Bureaucracy, nurtured by the British colonial rulers, soon grabbed complete and absolute power converting the state a real tool of vested interests, individual or group interests." He maintained that as a result of the controversial and erring polices of the rulers at the federal level, it culminated in discriminating the smaller and minority provinces. He said the smaller provinces were subjected to injustices and plunder of their resources inculcating the sharp sense of deprivation in all walks of life. "Only after 25 years of independence, East Pakistan parted ways with rest of Pakistan in 1971," he said. Mr Rasiani said that in 1973, PPP framed the Constitution of Pakistan on the basis of national consensus by taking all the political parties and forces into complete confidence. "The Constitution not only conceded the federal system governance and recognized the existence of federating units but also assured equal rights to all the units" he said and added, it was promised that the federating units would be given more administrative, economic, financial and constitutional powers in 10 years time but unfortunately the power hungry military adventurisms subverted the Constitution, trampled down it under their feet." He said that real spirit of Constitution was completely distorted with off and on and unwarranted amendments in it by the dictators and military rulers that suited them personally and individually. Such massive distortion of the constitution had shaken the faith on people of smaller provinces, he added. He said people of Balochistan demanded their constitutional, political and economic rights, including control over their resources; the rulers used naked force to crush their political opinion. "No one had given any heed to their complaints. Instead, the people of Balochistan faced the brute force. It is unfortunate that some influential sections of our society have refused to learn a lesson from the past blunders and still believed that use of brute force is the only solution to the Balochistan problems," he said, adding: "I strongly believe and publicly concede that the deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan was the direct result of excessive use of force and strong arm policy of the state against the people." He said, it is high time to allow sanity to prevail. " If we want to live like one nation, we must bring radical changes in our behaviour and conduct. We have to concede the rights of the people, equal rights to all the nations," he maintained. Mr Raisani, said there is an urgent need to bring radical amendments in the Constitution of Pakistan to take the country out of the perennial constitutional and political crisis. He said he was in favour of a new social contract reviewing past relations keeping in view the guidelines of the 1940 Pakistan Resolution. He said there was still time to bring a change in our attitude and revise out relations under a new social contract ensuring equality of all the nations and added that it can bring qualitative improvement in the present situation and can regain what we lost in the past. Monitoring Desk adds: Raisani said that strict security measures in the province could not help government control incidents of target killing, reports a private TV channel. Talking to reporters, Raisani said deteriorating law and order situation has become a challenge for the entire country and the situation remains same in Balochistan. He rejected the the impression that President's impeachment would cause any negative effect on the economy.