LAHORE - PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said in categorical terms that he was not ready to give any safe exit to President Musharraf, saying, "a person who abrogated the Constitution, sacked the judiciary and compromised country's sovereignty did not deserve any leniency". "Wait for a while, nation will give you the safe exit", Nawaz said sarcastically addressing to Pervez Musharraf", in his address to party workers at Mazar-e-Iqbal. The event was organised in connection with the Independence Day celebrations. He also laid floral wreath on the mausoleum of Allama Iqbal. Party's Punjab President Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa, federal minister Khawaja Saad Rafique, Zaeem Qadri and other party MNAs and MPAs were present on the occasion. The PML-N chief asserted that Pervez Musharraf would be impeached and no safe exit would be given to him in any case. "Which safe exit? And that too to a person who violated country's laws and the Constitution? Who compromised on country's sovereignty and left the people jobless by his wrong policies?" he asked. Should not a person be punished if he violates the Constitution and the law and dismantles the judiciary? he asked, and added, "if you violate traffic signal, the traffic cops run after you. Is not it?" he questioned the audience. Nawaz said Musharraf deserved impeachment as such a person could not be awarded Tamgha-i-Jurrat. Nawaz said he did not believe in politics of revenge, and hence did not want Musharraf's impeachment for personal reasons. He said he was demanding Pervez Musharraf's impeachment, because he had abrogated the Constitution besides committing so many other illegalities. "The word "revenge" is not in my dictionary," he affirmed. He also accused Pervez Musharraf of acting as a slave to America and earning dollars by selling Pakistanis to the said country. "Musharraf has made a confession in his book that he sold out Pakistanis to the US," he observed. He quoted surveys undertaken in the US, according to which Musharraf was destined to lose power. He said it was not the impeachment of Musharraf, but of dictatorship that destroyed country's 61 precious years. The sorry state of affairs of a country that remained under dictatorial rule for 33 long years could be well imagined, he added. Nawaz said he had reached an understanding with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari that deposed judges would be restored immediately after Pervez Musharraf's impeachment. "In my recent meeting with Mr Zardari I took up the issue of deposed judges, who in turn, said that not only the judges would be restored, Musharraf would also be impeached," Nawaz told party workers. He said after the impeachment process was over and the judges occupied their seats, the PML-N and the PPP would implement the Charter of Democracy to play their due role in national development. "We all together would save Pakistan and get rid of dictatorship for good," he observed. He reiterated that Musharraf should have been impeached and judges restored immediately after February 18 elections. "How appropriate it would have been, had the Prime Minister announced judges' restoration in his maiden speech. Even if it was not done at that time, they should have been restored within 30-day deadline as agreed upon between the two parties in Murree Declaration," he maintained. He said what the provincial assemblies were doing now by passing resolutions against Pervez Musharraf, they should have done it immediately after February 18. Talking about Kashmir issue, he urged India to stop brutalities in Kashmir. He said Kashmir was no more an internal problem of India. "It was as much an issue for Pakistan as it was for Kashmiris," he added. He said the issue should be resolved keeping in view aspirations of Kashmiris. He also praised his kid brother Shahbaz Sharif, saying poor Shahbaz is always seen shuttling from one city to another to help the people. "One day, he is in DG Khan, the other day he is seen in Rahim Yar Khan," he observed.