ISLAMABAD - The impeachment of Pervez Musharraf has become possible because of 'big no' by deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry against Musharraf and we would never compromise on deposed judges issue, Secretary General of PML-N Zafar Iqbal Jhgra said. Addressing the seminar held in connection with Independence Day he observed, "It is the first example of supremacy of the Parliament in the country and as a nation we are moving towards real democracy". Speakers at the seminar including Nisar A Memon, PML (Q), Senator Dr Babur Awan PPP, Abdul Karim Kundi, former CJ Peshawar High Court, Haroon Rasheed, President District Bar Association, Sardar Asmatullah Khan, President District Bar Association Rawalpindi and MNA Furzana Raja addressed the event and highlighted the features of democratic history of Pakistan. They presented recommendations for future plan of action. Senator Dr Babur Awan said that impeachment of the president is in accordance with Islamic teachings. While quoting the verse of Holy Book, he said there are clear instructions in Quran that the one who does something wrong must bear its brunt. Awan suggested it was time to adopt a national level study above any personal and political affiliations Farzana Raja, MNA, said Pervez Musharraf was usurper and occupied the office of presidency by violating the Constitution of an Islamic republic. He said that the charge sheet against Musharraf is so long that even after passing so many days that list could not be completed. she blamed that NRO NRO only benefits Musharraf and MQM. Defending Musharraf, Senator Nisar a Memon said that impeachment was the right of coalition government but it must be extended to all culprits. He claimed that civilian dictators damaged the country much rather than military generals, however, he was arguing in favour of Musharraf but audience did rose anti-Musharraf slogans. Nisar said that impeachment decision was actually a defeat of Nawaz Sharif as he was committed to reinstate the deposed judiciary first then PML and PPP as they were signatories of NRO. Former CJ PHC read the clause of Constitution before the audience he claimed that it was clearly written in the constitution that army has no right to interfere with politics; he further said that he has given his verdict against Musharraf as a former judge who abrogated the constitution.