Faisal Kothari tells of a certain corporate entity that, after its usual audited accounts, recently announced a modest after-tax profit. After less than a period of 10 days, it chewed on its words and withdrew the figures, announcing instead a sizable after-tax loss. In the process, the investors that had believed the words of announcement, invested in its unduly swollen shares. They lost most heavily when these shares came tumbling down on the withdrawal of 'erroneous' figures. Mr Kothari is surprised that no regulatory authority has so far come down on this corporate entity to investigate why it was allowed to seek investment from the public on premium? Mr Kothari does not know that Corporate Law Authority, SBP etc have no interest in the common man. It is a common failing of our regulators that they inform the public about the illegality of any housing project only when they are sure that the swindlers have run off after having pocketed all the money. I remember a housing project that was announced in daily newspapers in 1992. After 8 years, when the public had paid the entire balance of installments and extra charges, the Rawalpindi Development Authority announced in 2000 that its NOC reference mentioned in 1992 advertisement was not issued by it. -K.R. JALILI, Washington, USA, via e-mail, August 2.