KARACHI - Pakistan's survival and integrity cannot meet without breaking relations with United States, said Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed. He was addressing the press conference at JI Karachi office before his upcoming visit of Malaysia. He said that JI would fully support the ruling coalition decision of impeaching the President. "Five senators of JI will support the ruling coalition motions on the impeachment of Musharraf." He said that Musharraf should go but the more important thing was that the ruling coalition would discontinue the policies of President Musharraf of appeasing the US. Referring to the insurgency in tribal areas, he said that sectarian violence in Kurram Agency was an international conspiracy and foreign and local agencies were involved in Kurram Agency violence. He denounced the bombardment in Bajur Agency adding that due to the operation in Bajur Agency more then 0.2 million people have been evacuated to Malakand, Deer and Peshawar. He demanded the government to immediately stop the operation in tribal areas and provide immediate relief for the migrants of these agencies who are suffering various problems.  Referring to his recent visit of Sudan, he denounced the International Criminal Court's (ICC) decision against the Sudani President Umar Al-Bashir. He alleged that the US was behind the conspiracy against the Sudan. "Through such decisions US and Zionist lobby wanted to put pressure on Sudan to establish relations with Zionist regime, Israel." He regretted the foreign policy of the country in which the Pakistani government has not given visas to Sudani people. He demanded the government to change the visa policy of the country and grant visas to all citizens of the Muslim countries. Qazi pointed out the historical freedom movement in Kashmir against the Indian aggression and regretted government's weak stance over the Kashmir issue. He denounced the statement of foreign minister in which he termed Wagah border as a Berlin Wall. He said this statement was against the two-nation ideology of the country.