ISLAMABAD - The huge tide of anti-Musharraf public sentiments has forced the majority of Q-League lawmakers to shun support of the President while some of its parliamentarians think that they would earn nothing but criticism and civil society as well as among political circles if they opted to betray their mentor. Background interviews with a number of PML-Q legislators revealed that the decision of ruling coalition to impeach President Musharraf had landed them in catch-22 situation from where they were facing public's wrath if were standing by Musharraf and also afraid of people's criticism if they betrayed their mentor. A PML-Q parliamentarian while talking to TheNation noted that the president's impeachment move had brought 'Q' lawmakers at a crossroads. "If we stand by Musharraf, the people of our constituency condemn us and we can face the music in next elections but if we betray the President then too, we would be criticised and ridiculed by the masses, media and civil society for leaving the mentor in the lurch," he observed. Coming hard on the President, Saddique Khan Baloch, 'Q' MNA from Lodhran, told this scribe that he along with over thirty MNAs from his party would vote in favour of impeachment's move. "We are elected representative of the masses and our voters are asking us to shun cooperation with the President," he added. Baloch said that the whole nation was annoyed with the policies of President Pervez Musharraf. "I advice the President to resign as the people are fed up with him," he said, adding that the people of the country were feeling delighted over the president's impeachment. Terming the President as 'non-elected', he observed that if President Musharraf did not resign, it would reveal his obstinacy. "We are not in the Parliament on reserved seats, therefore, cannot go against the mammoth tide of public sentiments," he noted.   Riaz Fatyana, who has already asked the President to step down honourably to avert disgrace talking to TheNation, said that he was facing immense pressure from the civil society of his constituency. "The doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors of my constituency come to me and ask to shun the support of President Musharraf," he stated.   Off the record discussions with party legislators revealed that they were in favour of President's resignation, as it would bring them out of catch-22 situation in which they were stuck after the ruling coalition's decision of president's impeachment. "If President sticks to his guns and does not resign, the PML-Q would split into numerous groups which we do no want," said an MNA seeking not to be attributed. Another PML-Q MNA criticising the senators and women parliamentarians on reserved seats said that they had no constituency, therefore, they had not to face people's wrath. "They did not go to the people for seeking votes and would not exercise it in future, therefore, have no trouble in supporting President Pervez Musharraf but we have to contest elections again and win people mandate," he observed. Sardar Israr Khan Tareen talking on the issue said that he had requested Co-Chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari to find a third option and avoid impeachment's move. "I had requested him (Zardari) to practice reconciliation and avoid the way that could create confrontation among institutions," he said and continued, "If the ruling coalition does not find the third option, at least safe exit for President is a must".     Another PML-Q parliamentarian commenting on the tight spot of the party argued that it was far better for the party lawmakers to stand firm with embattled President Musharraf than to have back seats in other political parties. "Those who are approaching PPP and PML-N are being ridiculed not only in Q-League, but also by their recipient parties' leaders," he observed.       Pir Muhammad Aslam Bodla said that the President Musharraf should resign aimed to save country from further damage. " If the President does not resign, I will vote in favour of impeachment's move," he stated.