What, in the name of heaven, is going on here? Musharraf does not quit and the coalition does not reinstate the judiciary. Why are the political leaders determined to not deliver on what they promise, ever? Pakistani leaders, the generals included, are a lesson in what leaders should not be. They tell lies, go back on written agreements. Musharraf down, they bring Machiavelli to life. In the process, they are taking this perfectly viable country of over 160 hardworking albeit gullible people down the drain. The result is that the entire nation, its morale down in the dumps, is looking in all directions while the leaders openly confess that the country is controlled by the Americans. Americans, the global manipulators, charge them of corruption; they charge each other. Allegations fly around. Nobody seems to have the guts and the gumption to lead from the front and give us back our self-respect. We are now seeing that the impeachment of the president is about to begin. As I write (August 13), it is reported that the ruling alliance is going to move an impeachment resolution in the current session of the National Assembly. The session, the parliamentary party of the ruling alliance tells us, is likely to go on until Musharraf has either resigned or been impeached. For three days, members of the alliance met again and again in rumours that it was going to break, keeping the entire nation on tenterhooks. Was PML-N going to walk out of the alliance? The short answer to that question came out on August 7. No. They are staying together and impeaching the president. Meanwhile, four PML members have gone back to the federal cabinet. They are also going to reinstate, they say, the judges according to the Bhurban Declaration of March 2008. The people, however, are sceptical. The hype built by the Bhurban Declaration was phenomenal. But what should have been a simple order of reinstatement of the judges when the new government took over became a confused and confusing constitutional reform package prepared by the PPP. This was rejected by the PML before it could be moved in the parliament. This week we watch another hype as Mr Asif Zardari reads out a joint statement on August 7, with the bara bhai (elder brother, as Mr Zardari calls Mian Nawaz Sharif, showing respect) sitting by his side. The prevarication on the reinstatement of the judges to November 2 position through a NA resolution, as agreed in Bhurban, has affected their credibility. How do the people know they are not cutting a deal behind the scenes? How can they be trusted? This doubt, increased by the repeated charge of foreign meddling in Pakistan's politics, has been given a big boost by Ron Suskind's Way of the World, a book published last week in the US. Apparently, it contains transcripts of recorded conversations of some of our iconic leaders. With innuendoes of corruption, the book comes as bombshell just when Musharraf's impeachment is gaining momentum. Musharraf's impeachment before the judges' reinstatement, says the Islamabad agreement. Considering his efforts to subvert this government, they argue, it is necessary to remove him before moving on. I find it a bit worrisome though that the present Supreme Court was constituted by Musharraf on November 3 last year. How will they support impeachment, however, strong the case for it? We have a long history of how far a friendly court can go to protect its client Reinstating an independent Supreme Court before the impeachment would thus make sense. In essence, the agreement gives a road map of the impeachment of the president in the agreement Mr Zardari announced. The four provincial assemblies will meet on August 11, 12, 13 and 15 respectively and pass a resolution calling on Musharraf to obtain a vote of confidence that he promised before the Supreme Court to take from the new assemblies. Punjab, NWFP and Sindh have already done it overwhelmingly (rats deserting the sinking ship). But the main action will be in the National Assembly's on going session, as I suggested above. A copy of the impeachment motion, once made, will be sent to the president within a week after the speaker receives it along with the charges against him. The president will have a chance to defend himself. The charges, however, seem still in the process of preparation. The crux of the matter: if two thirds, or more, of the members of the NA and the senate sitting together vote for the impeachment motion, Musharraf will become history as the process of electing a new president begins. According to Mr Zardari, the impeachment process will take no more than a couple of weeks. But his foot dragging on and obfuscation of the judges' issue after the Bhurban agreement has hurt his credibility; so we shall have to wait and see. The writer is a former inspector general if police