Hafiz Ilyas and his wife, residents of street No 6, Bostan Colony, Qainchi, Lahore, were electrocuted on August 12, 2008, while struggling to throw storm water out of their house. No inquiry was conducted by WASA or WAPDA. No official of any department or agency even bothered to attend their funeral prayers. Can anybody imagine the condition of Hafiz Ilyas' kids when they returned from school and found their parents dead? People of our mohalla, like people everywhere else, are busy in their own children. Nobody has the time to consider plight of these three kids. The children of Hafiz Ilyas are awaiting heavenly assistance that can help them survive in this big, bad world. I urge the concerned government departments, philanthropists and NGOs to come forward and extend help. -AWAIS QARNI, Lahore, via e-mail, August 13.