Pseudo feminism

There are feminists and then comes pseudo feminists. If you’re a feminist then you should not get offended by the explanation of pseudo feminism. Feminism is that women deserve respect like any other human being. Pseudo-feminism is saying women deserve more respect, or that people of other genders deserve no respect. Living in a society where women face several problems everyday its worst that some people are actually damaging the word feminism.  

Hardly anyone on social media knows what feminism is about and they end up being pseudo feminists. Do pseudo-feminists really want equality? No, they want to create a world ruled by just woman. A woman should get away with any wrong doing? She shouldn’t just like a man shouldn’t. Women labeling themselves are feminist on social media wants empowerment and respect for women they think deserves it. They will bash a woman if he’s wife or sister of their lesser like politician but they will support a woman bashing same political leader. This is where hypocrisy and pseudo feminism gets merge. Same goes in showbiz, if you like her she should be nation’s favorite but if you doesn’t everything she do suddenly becomes pathetic and ugly.  

Few days back a girl in bus calling herself a feminist didn’t gave a seat to 70 years old man who was sick, now that is as worst as one can imagine. If this is feminism then one should not be feminist, but thankfully it’s not. Feminism is basically about equality and no judgment. People who actually understand feminism doesn’t carry this badge of being a feminist. These are those people who wants their daughter to get good education, support there companion if she wants to work in field.  

There are women who love making food for their husband; there are women who want to take care of their house and children more than career. This doesn’t make them slaves; it’s up to them to decide what they want to do. “I will not cook because it is sexist!” is probably the worst statement and probably very popular amongst pseudo feminist. 


Lahore, July 30. 


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