HARIPUR   -  Political and social figure of Haripur Muhammad Azam Khan Tareen has urged Prime Minister She­hbaz Sharif to take immediate steps to make the country a welfare state. Azam Khan Tareen in a statement issued here on Sunday, said that Hari­pur district should be given the status of Cantt area and transportation facilities should be devel­oped here by constructing an international stan­dard airport and flyovers so that the area could reach new heights of construction and develop­ment. He demanded of the federal government to provide the best health and education facilities to the people. Azam Khan Tareen said the govern­ment can achieve self-sufficiency in meeting the food needs of the country by paying special atten­tion to the agriculture sector. It is in the national interest to establish good relations with Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, he added.