Says free of cost medicines to be provided in emergencies of hospitals n Number of institutions for special children to be increased n Says COAS Gen Bajwa made defence of Pakistan invincible.

LAHORE    -   On the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan, Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi an­nounced to make education free up to graduation level in the Punjab province.

“I made education free upto Matric in my previous ten­ure and will now make it free upto graduation level”, he said while addressing the central ceremony of the 75th Indepen­dence Day of Pakistan at the Hazuri Bagh here on Sunday.

The chief minister said that he had decided to provide

 free of cost medicines in emergencies of the hos­pitals. He said that he had made many institutions for special children in his previous tenure, adding, that number of institutions will be increased in future. Ch Parvez Elahi vowed to make Punjab an exemplary province.

The chief minister also lauded the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa saying he had made the defence of Pakistan in­vincible. “No one can look towards Pakistan with an evil eye. The services of the army chief are highly praiseworthy for eradicat­ing terrorism and to main­tain peace in the country”, he observed.

The CM paid tributes to those defending the dear homeland and to the secu­rity forces, police officers and jawans who laid down their lives for the defence and peace of their dear homeland.

He said Quaid-d-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did an untiring struggle to at­tain a separate homeland for the Muslims. “It is our collective responsibility to contribute our part of work to make the country pros­perous. Whether it be the opposition, the politicians, the traders, the industrial­ists, or any person working in any field, we all have to work with dedication and diligence to make it a pros­perous country”.

He said: “Pakistan is our identity. If Pakistan had not come into existence, then we had no identity. Paki­stan has given us a lot and now we have to repay it”.

The chief minister also remembered the Kashmiris on the country’s Indepen­dence Day. “We should not forget the martyrs of Kash­mir who illuminated the torch of freedom through their blood. Quaid-e-Azam said that Kashmir is the jug­ular vein of Pakistan. The time is not far away when Kashmir will become Paki­stan”, he observed.

He said people of every religion lived in Pakistan and the minority commu­nity played a pivotal role in construction and progress of the country. “It is our duty to give respect to the minorities”, he added.

He said the future of Pa­kistan was bright. “Paki­stan won many achieve­ments and laurels in its 75 years history. Imran Khan won the cricket world cup and Pakistan won many achievements in the field of hockey at the international level. Recently the Pakistani wrestlers and the weight lifters won many med­als in the Common Wealth Games. We will make an effort and will work even harder to make Pakistan a progressive and pros­perous country”. The CM said Pakistan had good re­lations with Turkey, China, USA and Iran. “The Consul Generals of these countries have come to participate in our Independence Day cel­ebrations for which we are grateful to them”.

CM announced to give Rs. 3 lac as a gift to the special children who sang national songs and Rs. 50,000 prize for lead singers and Rs 2 lac prize for the scouts. CM announced to give Rs. 1 lac prize for the police band. CM went to the special chil­dren who sang the nation­al songs and sang a national song with them. He showed his affection towards the special children and appre­ciated their performance