KARACHI - Haleem Adil Sheikh, the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, has ridiculed the “corruption-tainted” ministers in the PPP’s provincial government for their desperate attempts to prove PTI Chairman Imran Khan corrupt. While talking to the media, he said that Sindh Minister Saeed Ghani has filed defamation cases against him. “The whole world knows what Ghani was in the past and what he has become now,” he said.

Haleem said that he has been implicated in fabricated cases to keep him busy. “I have to appear before courts 20 days a month,” he said. He added that cases have been made up against him because he his raised voice for the rights of the people of Sindh.

“We are in government in Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and Gilgit-Baltistan, but we never subjected our rivals to victimization,” he said. “But political opponents are being subjected to victimization in Sindh,” he added.

Haleem also defended Shehbaz Gill, the former special assistance in the cabinet of Imran Khan, who is facing sedition charges after his speech in which he criticized state institutions. “Shehbaz Gill has been arrested illegally and subjected to torture. He should be given an opportunity to defend himself,” he added. “It was cruel to arrest the wife and children of Shehbaz Gill’s driver. Such a thing had never happened even during dictators’ rule,” he said.