ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan’s goods and services trade with Bangladesh witnessed surplus of 43.14 percent during twelve months of fiscal year (2021-22) as compared to the corresponding period of last year. The overall exports to Bangladesh were recorded at $870.604 million during July-June (2021-22) against exports of $ 616.202 million during July-June (2020-21), showing growth of 41.28 percent, SBP data revealed. Meanwhile, on year-to-year basis, exports to Bangladesh during June 2022 also increased by 35.11 percent, from $64.490 million to $87.135 million. Similarly on month-on-month basis, exports of Bangladesh also increased by 39.15 percent during June 2022 in comparison with exports of $62.615 million in May 2022, SBP data said. Overall Pakistan’s exports to all countries also witnessed an increase of 26.56 percent in twelve months, from $25638.974 million to $32450.087 million, the SBP data said. On the other hand, the imports from Bangladesh during the period under review were recorded at $ 97.500 million against $76.134 million last year, showing an increase of 28.06 percent. Meanwhile, on year-to-year basis, imports from Bangladesh during June 2022 also rose by 363.95 percent from $3.082 million last year to $14.299 million. On month-on-month basis, the import from Bangladesh increased by 129.26 percent during June 2022 when compared to the import of $6.237 million in January 2022, SBP data said. The overall imports increased by 32.75 percent, from $54272.920 million to $72.048 million during the period under review. The trade surplus during the period under review was recorded at $773.104 million against $540.068 million during same period of last year, showing 43.14 percent growth.