RAWALPINDI -President Dr Arif Alvi on Sunday underlined the significance of proper education and training of children as they were the future of the country.

Addressing the children of Kashana Orphanage on the 75th Independence anniversary celebrations, the president said that good training and education of children were very important, so that after growing up, these children could earn their livelihood and serve the nation and country.

The president mentioned that he had the desire to spend the day and share joys of the Independence Day with the orphans and helpless children. He also urged the girls to strive hard and bring good name to the country with their achievements.The president said that Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had laid emphasis upon the provision of equal opportunities to the womenfolk as no society could aspire to prosper without inclusion of women in the mainstream of society.

He particularly referred to the character building of the children and stressed upon the equal opportunities for the rich and the poor to get education.

The president also advised the children to desist from falsehood and back-biting, and respect their teachers and elders.

He said that they should value their independence as a large number of people had sacrificed for the independence of the country. Getting independence from a foreign rule was not an easy task, he added.

The president said that being an independent nation, they were not servants to anyone and would not accept such.