As the Muharram 1444 is around the corner, security forces are seen as dynamic in finalising security plans regarding law-and-order situations in the days of sorrow. Needless to say, there are a few factors causing inconvenience in society mainly unwanted interference of anonymous groups that sparks sectarianism among acolytes of respective sects. The main reason for this instability is the unawareness of community guidelines on social media. This usually happens due to quarrelsome posts on social media forums shared by seditionists. Internet users used to share this sort of post without assuring its validity in other words without checking it out thoroughly.

Local police officials and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have warned citizens to avoid such posts otherwise they have to face the music for their irresponsibilities. In a nutshell, a couple of firm steps would be enough to tackle these issues.

Firstly, access to social-media groups should be limited to admins only. Secondly, accounts involved in sharing such content should be reported. Thirdly, subjects should launch proper awareness campaigns regarding blasphemy activities on media forums.