Two persons including a woman and a 13-year-old child died and four others were seriously injured in a roof collapsed incident in Jalal Pur Jattan in Gujrat.

The unfortunate family members were having their breakfast in their dilapidated rented house when the roof collapsed that killing two and injuring four.

It occurred when the wall of the neighboring warehouse collapsed and fell on the roof of the victims’ house that killing two on the spot.

Locals said that incident occurred because there water disposal system in the warehouse that ultimately weaken the wall and resultantly it fell on the roof of the house destroying the family.

Local on their own took out the dead and injured from the rubble.

Locals alleged that the incident occurred due to the negligence of the local administration as they did not heed the multiple requests and applications to come and check the warehouse that got a poor system of disposal of water.

The timely reminders also did not move the local administration of Gujrat and ultimately two precious and innocent lives were lost.