Dynamic music composer and an award-winning singer Waqar Ehsin, who is widely known as the ‘Tinak Dhin’ crooner has recently composed a melodious, heart-warming composition of a national song titled ‘Waada’ which has been released at the auspicious occasion of the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan

It is a music project which has been in the works for over 15 months. The project is directed by Issac Solemon with lyrics by Farheen Choudhry, composition by Waqar Ehsin and music production by Sarang Latif and Amanat Ali.

‘Waada’ commemorates Pakistan’s 75th year of independence which has been produced by Habib Paracha.

The beautiful composition is a message of unity to reinstitute the idea of one nation while accepting each others diverse cultures and faiths. An anthem consisting of all Provincial languages for the first time in one song.

The patriotic song is inspired by the idea on which our forefathers laid the foundations of Pakistan.

The soothing melody composed by Ehsin is indeed a treat to ears, as it leaves the listener with an overwhelming sense of patriotism.

Apart from Waqar Ehsin, the song features many big names of the music industry such as Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Natasha Baig, Sanam Marvi and others.