The current literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3%. It demonstrates that our 60 million population is still lying below the literacy line. Now the question arises why most of the people are doctors, engineers, teachers and others on other hand there are criminals and beggars. The reason behind this whole fact is that we are not providing a conducive environment for our youth. Instead of creating and constructing universities and other educational institutions, we are giving priority to constructing such buildings that are meaningless.

When we look at history we would find that the great nations of the world like Britain, China and America when were paying their efforts to create Oxford and Harvard universities at the same time we were busy creating the Taj Mahal and Shahi Qila and other monuments in the subcontinent. When they were performing scientific research and promoting the educational system, we were busy enjoying our luxuries. We people adopted their cultural traditions but we have got failed while adopting their best thing which is the educational system.

Concerning recent conditions in Pakistan, we had PSL (Pakistan Super League) season in our country moreover most of the students were businessmen and even though teachers went there to witness the event from their perspective of cities like Karachi and Lahore. A report was shown that during this PSL season in Lahore for two weeks educational institutions and classes were closed. Doubtless we the nations are preferring PSL events rather than the educational system, which is responsible to lead to the height of glory and prosperity. The government should be aware. When we would be educated nations we can only stand tall among the international communities. Therefore we should give priority to education rather than meaningless events if we want our Pakistan to be called the same Asian tiger.