PHC celebrates I-Day with flag hoisting ceremony

Peshawar   -  In commemoration of the Independence Day, a flag hoisting ceremony held here at the Peshawar High Court (PHC) premises on Monday.

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Justice Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, hoisted the national flag during the event. Judges, members of the High Court Bar Association, District Bar Association, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bar Council officials, members, and staff of the Peshawar High Court were also present on the occasion.

The Peshawar High Court building was adorned with flags, balloons, banners, and decorations.

The ceremony marked a significant gesture of unity and patriotism, as legal professionals, officials, and the public came together to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day.

Meanwhile, in a separate ceremony Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa celebrated Independence Day with remarkable enthusiasm and zeal.

From senior management to junior colleagues, the entire PDMA staff embraced the celebrations wholeheartedly. Guided by the Chief Secretary and led by the proactive Secretary of Relief and the Director General of PDMA, captivating activities unfolded on August 13-14.

The PDMA Headquarters, adorned with lights and flags, presented a midnight fireworks spectacle on August 13, instilling a sense of pride and unity. At 8:00 AM on August 14, a majestic flag hoisting ceremony led by Director General (DG) of PDMA Janat Gul Afridi symbolised the nation’s unwavering commitment to freedom.

Provincial Disaster Management Authority staff enthusiastically participated in an invigorating walk on Independence Day, followed by a heartfelt prayer for the nation’s well-being.

Director HR/Admin PDMA Iqbal Wazir extended his gratitude to all staff members for their enthusiastic engagement and significant contributions.

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