Self-righteousness is not a virtue  

There is no place in politics for political leaders who claim to be self-righteous, to the exclusion of all others who may differ with them. Pakistan was created through a political process, and a democratic culture with tolerance for others is essential for its survival. Every politician in Pakistan must inculcate tolerance for others and agree to disagree without recourse to violence. 

All institutions of the state must submit to the supremacy of the Constitution. Political parties and their manifestos are made by mortal humans, who cannot claim this to be a battle between right and wrong. Such extremist political agendas are akin to cult leaders, who claim to be perfect and exclude others who may differ with them. It is as absurd as claiming prophethood by an individual who visibly has many human weaknesses. Adolf Hitler was one such populist leader who came to power through elections and then embarked on eliminating all his opponents. His obsession with and claims of superiority over his race and hatred for members of the Jewish faith got Germany involved in WWII. 

He was the perfect example of a personality disorder defined as Narcissism, where an individual is self-obsessed with himself as being righteous and others that differ with him as evil or tyrants. In a democracy, politics is based on collective wisdom, where people agree to disagree yet sit together in a parliament to conduct the affairs of state and legislate. Obstinacy is a handicap for any politician who is unwilling to accept the views and opinions of others. It leads to political polarisation on such a scale that the individual becomes a hurdle. We witness this addiction to self-righteousness being practised by Hindu extremists associated with the Shiv Sena, who claim exclusive rights over the country. 

Militant militias patronised and protected by Modi’s BJP are killing Muslims, Christians, and Dalits as if it is their religious obligation. The Zionist faction of the Jewish faith is another extremist group that claims it as their biblical right to forcefully occupy land where Palestinians lived for thousands of years in harmony with members of other faiths.



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