The electricity crisis in Karachi  

It is utterly astonishing to see that Karachi, which is known as the city of lights, has plunged into darkness due to load-shedding. The electricity crisis in Karachi may have negative impacts on the prosperity of the country because it is a crucial city in terms of the economy. Factories may not be able to work properly on account of load shedding. 

Similarly, tailors are also confronting severe challenges due to it, and they are unable to earn a livelihood. Besides this, students are especially disturbed because of power outages. They can’t read at night due to the darkness. Pakistan is fraught with natural resources, including rivers and waterfalls, and electricity can be produced by rivers and waterfalls. Hydroelectric power can provide reliable and sufficient electricity, but the government has been unsuccessful in taking advantage of it. Hydroelectric power is such a source that it can mitigate the power crisis in the city and the country as well. The development of hydroelectric power infrastructure could create new job opportunities for individuals. 

As we know that the deficiency of electricity is having a negative impact on education and the economy, I request that the government solve the problem of load shedding so that residents do not face any trouble.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt