UBL, Bank Alfalah celebrate independence with overseas Pakistanis

KARACHI-Overseas Pakistanis are one of our nation’s most valuable assets. With almost 9 million overseas Pakistanis spread across the globe, their contribution to Pakistan, especially its economy, through remittances, cannot be underscored enough. Pakistani banks as institutions which channelize these remittances play a vital role in streamlining the process and bringing the overseas Pakistanis closer to home and their loved ones.
As part of commemorating Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day, United Bank Limited (UBL) and Bank Alfalah (BAFL) in association with State Bank of Pakistan’s Remittance Initiative held two back-to-back events in Dubai, UAE. The main objective of the events was not only to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day but also to impart to the invitees, knowledge about how to remit back to Pakistan through proper banking channels and be able to bring happiness to loved ones back home and how their remittances can bring a positive momentum to the nation’s progress and development.
The first of these events was held at a local Community Ground in Dubai, on 13th August 2023. Filled with thousands of enthusiastic blue-collared workers of Pakistani origin, this event included a musical evening followed by a flag hoisting ceremony at the end of the event to commemorate the Independence Day. The event on the 14th of August was held at a local hotel. This event comprised of speeches followed by a musical performance. Both events were followed by dinner. Government dignitaries from the Consulate of Pakistan in Dubai, State Bank of Pakistan and Pakistan Remittance Initiative, along with senior executives from UBL and BAFL, were present at both occasions.