US Congresswoman felicitates Pakistan on Independence Day

Sheila Jackson says US-Pakistan cooperation is essential for maintaining regional security

NEW YORK  -  Chairperson of the US Con­gressional Pakistan Cau­cus Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee extended her heartfelt congratulations to Pakistan on its 76th In­dependence Day. In a state­ment she said, “It is with tre­mendous pride and honour that I recognize Pakistan’s Independence Day. Pakistan Zindabad, Long live Pakistan traditionally said on Inde­pendence Day. Pakistan’s Independence Day is an oc­casion to promote national unity. Independence holds a great significance in my heart, and stands as a re­minder of the many sacri­fices freedom fighters made to get to this moment.” 

Jackson further said, “I am the founding chair of the congressional Pakistan caucus and as that chair I have traveled to Pakistan many times, most recently to the effected flood ar­eas and saw with my own eyes the devastation of last year’s monsoon, but I also saw the resilience of the Pakistani people in the wake of this devastation.”

“Our country, the United States of America showed friendship even while I was there, providing tents and other humanitarian assis­tance, and certainly help from our military as they provided relief operations and private contributions came in as well,” she said. 

The Congresswoman said, “Diaspora in the Unit­ed States, Pakistani diaspo­ra all over, Pakistani Amer­icans were eager to help and we worked together to help Pakistan even more. Still, there is more to be done. Millions have been displaced, lands are slow to recover, and food and water supplies are dwin­dling. But we’re committed to working together to help Pakistan in this time.”

She said there were an estimated 80,000 Paki­stani Americans proudly living in her home district of Houston. “I’m so proud to represent their inter­ests, celebrate Pakistani culture and strengthen the unity between the US and Pakistan. I’ve introduced many bills included Malala Yousafzai’s commitment to education that celebrated her commitment to many different aspects of life, and many other resolu­tions that I’ve introduced that acknowledge the vis­its of many of those who have come to this nation,” she maintained. “I look for­ward to being part of that effort. And I look forward to again, working with TPS for those who have had to stay in this country, Paki­stani nationals in the Unit­ed States. Whenever there is a call, the Pakistani cau­cus of the United States Congress is always there, ” said Jackson 

“That’s why this Inde­pendence Day is so im­portant. And our bonds of friendship and coopera­tion, which have existed between the United States and Pakistan is essential for maintaining regional security, strengthening democracy improving op­portunities for trade, edu­cation, women’s empow­erment, and humanitarian relief. I look forward to celebrating our continued progress, our achieve­ments in making this na­tion better not only for Pakistani Americans, but in fact for all Americans. I thank you for your work and dedication. And may God bless all of you. Happy Pakistan Independence Day. Pakistan Zindabad.”

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