Gas supply to Lahore region rises by 20mmcfd

LAHORE   -  The SNGPL has increased gas supply for Lahore region and an additional supply of 20 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) has been added to cater the needs of domestic consumers keeping in view of the increased winter.

Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines Company officials said that supply of gas to Lahore region has been increased from 160mmcfd to 190 mmcfd. They said the supply of gas to the domestic consumers was the priority of the government, adding the supply of gas to other sectors would be stopped if the availability of gas to the domestic sector was disturbed. They said new pipelines were installed to provide uninterrupted gas supply to the consumers.

However, with the advent of winter, the citizens from various areas of metropolis have stated that they are facing low gas pressure, exposing the claims of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited of having ample gas supply.

It has been observed that gas pressure drops during morning and evening time which causes great trouble in preparing for the activities of the day. Several residents facing gas shortage have started using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders as an alternate to fulfill their needs. Moreover, people in areas with low-income have been forced to burn wood and kerosene oil.

The residents of Awan Town, Ichhra, Samanabad, Johar Town, Township, Gulberg, Mall Road, Mozang, Garhi Shahu and other parts of the city have also complained of low gas pressure.

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association Chairman Syed Ali Ahsan expressed disappointment that SNGPL has charged gas tariff of $12.53/mmcfd from the captive units of textile sector in Punjab.

He said the new lowered gas tariff of $6.5/mmcfd was approved by ECC and was to be implemented from September 27, 2018 as per direction of the federal cabinet. Later, the SNGPL announced the new tariff would be applicable from October 16, 2018.

Aptma Chairman Punjab Adil Bashir said the gas distributor has informed the spinners that lower tariff facility was only for processing units of exporting sector, and not for generating power from their captive units.

He said the spinners were caught unaware and were not in a position to pay higher tariff gas bills.

SNGPL General Manager (GM) Qaiser Masood claimed that Lahore was receiving normal gas supply according to its quota. While admitting that the gas pressure was low, he said that the usage of compressors on private gas connections was the real culprit behind low pressure of gas.

He further claimed that SNGPL had started crackdown against compressor users and gas pilferers that will help in improving the situation.

Lahore General Manager said that currently there is no gap between demand and supply for Lahore Region.

All CNG stations including those providing CNG to LTC buses are being provided uninterrupted supply of gas. All industrial and commercial consumers including export based textile industry are being provided uninterrupted supply of gas.

Low pressure may be experienced at some locations due to use of compressors and at tail ends of the network. Over 350 Nos. gas connections have been disconnected due to unauthorized use of compressors.

More than 100 teams including; Emergency teams, Leakage Rectification teams and System Augmentation teams are working round the clock to resolve consumer’s complaints relating to gas pressures. The teams have been checking gas pressures in different areas which were previously facing some problems and found gas supply as normal in Wapda Town, Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Herbancepura, Faisal Town etc.

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