Imran ‘will announce’ Punjab, KPK assemblies’ dissolution date in Lahore rally Saturday

LAHORE            -         Falling short of giving a precise date for dissolution of the provincial assemblies of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the PTI chairman Imran Khan Wednesday said that he will announce the date for the dissolution of the two assemblies on December 17 in a political gathering to be held at Lahore’s Liberty Chowk-a new venue of political rallies selected by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the recent times. Talking to the party workers through video-link, the PTI chief said that he had completed the process of consultations with the party legislators and will announce the date for dissolution of the assemblies at a public meeting in Lahore. Khan said that after the dissolution of two assemblies, elections will be held within 90 days. Along with the announcement to give date for the party’s political move, he also made public a political strategy to force the National Assembly Speaker to accept resignations of the party MNAs who had resigned in April this year. He said the PTI legislators would go to the National Assembly and ask the Speaker to accept their resignations. “In this way, 70 percent of the country will be going into elections, and the logic says that if elections are going to be held in 70pc of the country, then they might also [think of] holding general elections``, he said. But at the same breath, the PTI chairman said that people in the government whom he called criminals, were waiting for round-III of looting the country and were in no mood for the elections due to the fear of defeat. “Their interests and the nation’s interests clash with each other”, he added. Imran Khan said he had a meeting with the senior political leadership and discussed the current political situation. “The country may suffer a lot. The first major issue is what is happening in Pakistan now and the shameful manner in which the cases of big dacoits are being quashed. I can assure you that I have never seen such things in the republic.” Holding the PML-N and the PPP responsible for the country’s economic crisis, Imran said that the economy was heading towards destruction, and it was so because there is no justice in the country. “I have never seen the kind of cruelty that is happening now; cases of fugitives and dacoits of this country are being quashed and they are coming back to the country. On one side, the jails are full of poor people while on the other side there are people including those two families who looted Pakistan for 30 years with both hands”, he said, adding that books had been written on the corruption of the Zardari and Sharif families. “We had raised this bankrupt country after 2018, but General Bajwa gave them NRO-II. Now one by one, all are being cleaned; NAB rules have been amended to make this happen”, he alleged. Imran Khan once again called upon the institutions to think about the present situation. “What is going to happen now will have an impact on all of them and will affect the national security of Pakistan. But at the same time, Khan dispelled the impression that PTI was seeking establishment’s help to make the elections happen. “An impression is being created that the PTI wants the help of the establishment. I am not asking for any help from anyone, but I do want the establishment to be neutral, so that its prestige goes up”, he observed, adding that distance between the people and the establishment widened during the tenure of General Bajwa. He went on to say: “The country needs a strong army. I am a free man, I want to live in a free country and I don’t want the army to be weak. And the army will be strong only when they don’t interfere in politics the way they brutally oppressed our party during the reign of General Bajwa in the last seven months. “I have never seen such open hostility towards us; those who used to support us were called from anonymous numbers and tortured; Arshad Sharif, Azam Swati, Shahbaz Gill and Jameel Farooqui were brutalised. “Who asked people to give statements against me. Who was giving statements against me in the Tosha Khana case? I was strongly against General Musharraf’s martial law and even went to jail during that period, but I have never seen such harshness and violation of human rights that happened during General Bajwa’s rule. Sad to say, Pakistan’s largest federal party was made to weaken, and what they did with a senator over a tweet”. He said all of Pakistan knew that Musharraf gave NRO-I and General Bajwa gave NRO-II. He revealed that on many occasions, Gen Bajwa told him to leave accountability aside and focus on economics. “Is criticising General Musharraf criticising the army? People love the army, General Bajwa did what no enemy could do to Pakistan. The economy that was developing…. now the thieves have been imposed on us; who is responsible for it? I was attacked to shut my mouth, I will continue to raise my voice for the country as long as I live.” I have never seen such Election Commissions in Pakistan; one is Sikandar Sultan Raja and the other is Sindh Election Commissioner. The Election Commissioner of Sindh is not an independent Election Commissioner but an employee of the Sindh Government. We have taken his case to the Supreme Judicial Council, but our case is not being heard”, he further alleged. ‘Door-to-Door campaign’ Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan instructed the party’s MNAs and MPAs to run a well-crafted door-todoor campaign and hold rallies in their respective constituencies to convey the much-needed message of the ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ movement to every nook and corner of Pakistan. Talking to PTI’s members of the National and Provincial assemblies from Rahim Yar Khan and Dera Ghazi Khan’s districts in his Lahore’s residence of Zaman Park on Wednesday, the PTI Chairman urged them step up their political activities so as to rid the country of these crooked rulers. The PTI South Punjab officials were also present in the meeting. During the meeting, they discussed the current political situation, the PTI’s future strategy along with other important issues. On the occasion, the PTI lawmakers from South Punjab announced their full support regarding dissolution of the assemblies.

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