Senate body hails IWMB for conserving MHNP’s thriving biodiversity

ISLAMABAD - The Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change on Monday appreciated the efforts of Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) for protecting and conserving the thriving biodiversity and endangered wildlife species of Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).

Senate’s Climate Change Committee headed by Seemee Ezdi  yesterday  visited the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board ‘s Visitor Information Centre after the recent development of  leopards found in the area reserved as the Leopard Preserve Zone  to witness on ground progress on tree plantation,  protection and conservation of wildlife and forests.

The management board informed the committee that all these leopards were left open in the vicinity covering approximately an area of 11 km from trail 06 connecting to trail 04. “Shezadi, Shezada and Sultan, 3 leopards were frequently seen on the main track and marked it their territory which has now been reserved as the Leopard Preservation Zone.  Chairperson Seemee Ezdi lauded the efforts of the board on rescuing two rare leopard cats which were released in the Margalla Hills on Sunday.

Leopard Preservation Zone will be opened in coming weeks for tours through registration and booking

She also said that it was the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to protect wildlife and they were thriving in the MHNP. “We are being told that there are Leopards at Trail-6, and such habitats are not found in any other mega city. It’s encouraging to see endangered species thriving here and we must play our role in protecting the biodiversity of this region,” she concluded.

The committee was also informed that the Leopard Preservation Zone will be opened in the coming weeks onwards for tours through registration and booking.   The officials said that the government schools with children over 7-year of age will also be given free tours for educational purposes.

Committee was also informed that the area occupied by Monal Restaurant would be converted into Visitors Information Centre for children education and awareness on protection of the wildlife.

She appreciated that recently, the IWMB released two leopard cats at Trail-6 which was an encouraging effort to increase reducing wildlife species.

The Committee was further informed that the department will hold meeting with the CDA to fine-tune a plan for fire protection, fire control and fire breakers. 

The committee was also informed that work has started on recruitment of 35 staff members   for patrolling and littering campaigns and additional hiring of 70 more staff members during the fire season.

The writer is member of staff and can be reached at @8mansoor_ali

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