PCB holds Walima instead of professional PSL 9 Trophy Unveiling Ceremony?

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is usually a big deal for cricket fans, but the trophy unveiling ceremony of its ninth edition left many scratching their heads.

The trophy unveiling ceremony took place at the Lahore Polo Club in GOR Lahore, with interim Chief Minister Punjab Syed Mohsin Naqvi, also the Chairman of PCB, as the chief guest. 

According to tothesports.net, it felt more like a wedding party than a professional event, and the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the management of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the PSL. First of all, the music. Instead of something befitting a sports event, there was wedding music blaring in the background. It was so out of place that it made everyone wonder if the organizers knew what they were doing. It was looking like a Walima (Wedding Event) rather than a professional trophy unveiling ceremony. 

Then there was the issue of food and arrangements for the media. The journalists, who play a crucial role in covering and promoting the league, were left hungry and frustrated. The lack of basic facilities showed a disregard for the media and reflected poorly on the organizers' professionalism.

To make things worse, several media personnel were barred from attending due to security protocols. While security is important, this heavy-handed approach prevented reporters from doing their job and hindered the coverage of the event. 

Overall, the trophy unveiling ceremony of the PSL 9 was a letdown. Instead of being a proud moment for cricket fans, it was an embarrassing display of mismanagement and incompetence by PCB and PSL management. They need to do better if they want to maintain the league's reputation around the world and keep the fans engaged.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt