Tao Pan Asian, the new favourite!

Lahore has absolutely no cookery limitations but never have I ever seen a Pan Asian restaurant like Tao Pan Asian, which has recently opened in Gulberg. The eatery, from the first bite set an impression of impeccable palate.

Well to start with, the menu is extensive so it takes a while to flip through the meticulous list of starters and main courses while you enjoy the crunch of fish crackers.

Keeping a Pan Asian list, the restaurant serves a variety of dishes ranging from Thai to Japanese to Chinese. Mostly it’s traditional tariff injected with elusive continental inspirations. As I was quite overwhelmed by the hospitality and delectable food, I also got the chance to chat with the Chef Chaowarat Sriwichai, a Thai who learnt the art of cooking from Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok. He mentioned one of the enigmas that the ingredients they use are specifically sourced from different countries.


Zooming in towards the building at M.M. Alam Road, where the restaurant is located the entrance door is quite alluring made of glass, having a wooden eatery logo in the middle. Black is the signature colour of the interior, mixed with a few other tints giving a fresh look to the restaurant.

The Food:

Well, from appetizers to drinks everything tantalised the taste buds, be it crunchy crackers or Tom Yum, even hot and sour soup was a bliss. My friend tried the Tom Yum, which can be ordered in chicken or prawn, a total yummy treat it was. The hot and sour soup had a distinctive tang, which felt grand. Then came the salads; the Gomiku Salad was a bowl of pure freshness having fresh, diced tuna on a bed of crunchy ice lettuce, tossed in scrumptious dressing.

Being a prawn lover, I ordered dynamite prawns and rated it ‘real star’ of the restaurant. The prawns, fried to perfection were smothered in a spicy sauce. The next item was Kindo Chicken which had the tendency to put anyone’s sweet and sour cravings to rest. Having carrots, onions and baby tomatoes, topped with sesame dressing and boiled rice, the combination will please you like anything. Bell peppers, green chillies and corns combined with tender, in house sauces and juicy beef strips, named as Mongolian Beef. Being very spicy, Mongolian Beef was complemented with boiled rice again. It’s okay if you do not like very spicy food as boiled rice lessen the zing. Great tasting with gifted combinations, I must say.


The staff at the restaurant was pleasant and active. They were well-informed and made helpful suggestions, not at all trying to push for a dish. I must mention the dedication and care taken towards customers was admirable. The food preparatory time was also unified. As soon as we finished the appetizer, the next sizzling hot dish came in front of us. Honoured!

Tao Pan Asian has created a buzz and I am sure soon it will have its waiting area full of food enthusiasts.

The author is a high-school teacher, considerate mentor and a passionate learner. She pinpoints fashion trends and loves writing about all the chic people in the glossy industry as well as about the drifts in the fast-paced fashion industry.

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