Wasif Ali Malik and the  ideology of Pakistan

Pakistan is luminescent, and luminescence has no decline; a great quote by a great persona—Wasif Ali Wasif (Baba Sahib Hazur) born on January 15, 1923; a teacher, mentor, writer, poet and Sufi intellectual, famous for his unique literary style. Probably no contemporary Urdu writer is more cited in quotations than he is. Master of aphorism, he has almost a miraculous ability to capture a rainbow of meaning in a few dewdrops of well-chosen words. He was a regular columnist of Nawa-i-Waqt and this is his approbation for the ideology of Pakistan which convinced him to join Nawa-i-Waqt thereto. His column was named “Guftgoo” and started publishing in the paper in 1984. In his later years, he used to answer questions in specially arranged gatherings in Lahore. These sittings neither had a set subject nor did he lecture on chosen topics. His way was to ask people if they had questions and then he responded to these queries in a style that made him unique from his contemporaries. In these times when society is highly polarised, revisiting his works can weave the ruptured fabric of society.

Once in a sitting, he said that “Pakistan is not just the matter of Pakistanis, but of Muslims all over the world. Martyr’s blood is in the foundation of this land of the pure. It is the grandeur of Islam. Islam protects Islam itself, Allah Almighty and his dear one Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) protects it. If we have faith on Allah Almighty, his prophet PBUH and Islam, we must also have faith in Pakistan’s welfare and prosperity. If we have faith and definiteness on Iqbal’s portion and Jinnah’s efforts, we must have faith on Pakistan’s opulent future. We all need to amend our conduct and behaviour. We must keep faith in divine favour and the bounty of Allah Almighty. We must get rid of anxieties. Anxiety is the enemy of exaltation. Faith cannot be obtained by studying philosophy or logic, it is attained by having belief in a personality. Likewise, Mr Jinnah delivered his speeches in English but a simple rural feel inner strengthening. To be sincere to Pakistan, it is direly needed to have faith in Allah Almighty’s blessing and consecration.”

At one moment he said that “Quaid-e-Azam started a new institute that is Pakistan, and all other spiritual institutes like Chishtis, Qadris, Naqashbandi, Saharwardi amid all other sects amalgamated in it. We all are Pakistanis. Every Pakistani has belief in Pakistan as the motherland; for us, the soil of our beloved land is not less than sacred.”

On another occasion he said that, “If there is necessity to wait, then why not for the right time, if you agree to wait for a good time, there is no harm and maltreatment for you.”

Now at the present juncture, we must get rid of sectarianism from its roots to be united. Pakistan represents all of us; we must be sincere to this land of the pure as it’s our motherland, our love.



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