Women in Struggle for Empowerment (WISE) and Punjab Union of Journalists jointly  organised a one day training workshop of female journalists on , Let make the workplace more dignified at Local hotel today.

On the occasion, female journalists described their personal experiences; many participants said that they had been targeted under a well-organised digital disinformation campaign. They shared that Female journalists also face sexual harassment at the workplace. According to them they felt discrimination in different ways too. 

The participants said that female journalists are beneficial for the society. They expose social evils like hounor killings, child marriages, under marriages and the marriages in which the poor are forced by their circumstances to give the hand of their daughters to older men, and innumerable other bad practices. According to them environment for female journalists could be made exemplary by increasing 33 percent women employed in all media groups.  They said that 33 percent female employment must be declared mandatory by the government. The participants demanded special desk to deal with online harassment cases of women journalists in the Federal Investigation Agency Cyber Crime Cell.

On the occasion Bushra Khaliq Executive Director WISE demanded establishment of sexual harassment standing committees in every media house, union offices and press clubs under the Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace 2010 Act.. Bushra khaliq said it is not easy for female journalists to work freely. She added that female journalists are increasingly becoming targets of attacks, harassment, and intimidation across the world. She further said that the female Journalists who had displayed independence and courage in the past had often been threatened, and we have seen just this year how media houses are forced into making the difficult choice of informing the public and keeping their staffers safe physically as well as financially.  She further demanded that media houses, press clubs, union of journalists should form inquiry committee and display of code of conduct within office premises. 

Shahid Iqbal Program Manager WISE briefed about the law and shared that how female journalists could be protected from harassment and exploitations. He also said that the sexual harassment Inquiry committee has to include recommendation within 30 days. 

Renowned Journalists including Qamar uz-Zaman Bhatti president of PUJ, Azam Chaudhary president of Lahore Press Club, Arshad Ansari ex-president of LPC, Azam of LPC, Shahbaz Mian ex-president LPC, Sadia Salahuddin , Tamseela Chishti, Rafiya Naheed, Attiya Zaidi, Sadia Khan , Saba Mumtaz, Farzana Chaudhary etc were present on the occasion. 

At the end certificates among the participants were distributed by Qamar uz-Zaman Bhatti president of PUJ, Azam Chaudhary president of Lahore Press Club, Arshad Ansari ex-president of LPC and Shahbaz Mian ex-president LPC.