World’s oldest bottle of mineral water uncovered

Daily Mail
The world’s oldest bottle of mineral water has been uncovered from the depths of the Baltic Sea by Polish. The 200-year-old flask, described as in a ‘good condition and still corked’, has the name ‘Selters’ inscribed in its stoneware. Polish archaeologists found the 12 inch (30cm) bottle in shipwreck lying 12.2 metres (40ft) below water in the Gda?sk Bay close to the Polish coast. Produced between 1806 and 1830, the brown bottle is an extremely rare find as most sealed flasks from that period contain either beer or wine.
‘We have not opened the bottle, we are not sure what it contains and what is the taste of the water which is 200 years old,’ said Tomasz Bednarz, National Maritime Museum archaeologist. Apart from the bottle, the team managed to recover parts of ceramics, a small bowl and a few pieces of dinnerware. Dr Bednarz said that while it’s likely the bottle contains original Selters water, he doesn’t rule out the possibility it was filled with wine.
 Selters is a German luxury mineral water brand which gained popularity with Europe’s wealthy during the nineteenth century.

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