K-Pop stars BTS to perform in Saudi Arabia: Congrats Saudi ARMY!

BTS, one of the most celebrated K-Pop sensations of the contemporary times, has finally decided to give in to their Arab fans’ obsession.

The Korean ensemble will be holding its first concert on October 11th at the King Fahd International stadium in Riyadh as a part of the Riyadh Season Festival, a show which will be open to all ages. Ticket prices and sale date are yet to be revealed.

Saudi Arabia observed its first ever K-Pop concert on Friday with 'Super Junior' performing at the Jeddah Season Festival, and setting the tone for BTS. 

The septet, also known as the Bangtan Boys, will have Saudi’s capital as a part of the “Love Yourself…Speak yourself” world tour.  

Starting in 2013, the group has gained a massive following over the years, mapping their fan-base on a global level. BTS is the first K-Pop band to top both the British and US charts, along with sold-out shows in both countries. They recently presented at the Grammys, making it a first for the K-Pop world.

The band is growing by the minute with its hit single “Boy with Luv” breaking the records for the most views in 24 hours (April). Bangtan Boys is the first Korean act to win a Billboard music award and has been listed as one of Time100's top influential people of 2019.

The Saudi ARMY is going gaga at the moment with passion-ridden anticipation and we, Pakistani BTS devotees, can only hope that one day we’ll join in on the high-pitched roars of  witnessing the band live as well. Fingers crossed!

The writer is a student of English Literature at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. She can be reached at natashaawan51@gmail.com

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