LAHORE   -   The Punjab government has made extensive arrangements at 3100 polling stations to peacefully con­duct the by-elections on 20 pro­vincial assembly seats. Foolproof security arrangements have been made as more than 52,000 police personnel and officers will perform election duty in 14 districts on July 17. There will be a complete ban on aerial firing, keeping private guards, displaying weapons, and uprooting the camps and banners of the oppo­nents and indiscriminate action will be taken against those persons being found involved in such incidents. In order to cope up with any untoward incident in these constituencies, the personnel of Reserve Force and An­ti-Riot Force will remain fully alert. Complete security will be provided for transporting electoral material to the constituencies, secure transpor­tation of ballot boxes and the District Returning Officers till the announce­ment of results on the polling day. Timely action will be taken to pre-empt the incidents of aerial firing and skirmishes after the announce­ment of results. To ensure 100 per­cent implementation on the code of conduct of the Election Commission, surety bonds are being taken from the candidates and supporters of all political parties to stop skirmishes and fighting incidents.

Monitoring of by-polls will be done at the Central Police Office and the control rooms at the district level. Indiscriminate action will be taken against any violation or any unpleasant incident and the officers of Election Commission will be time­ly informed. Furthermore, the police and the administration are taking indiscriminate action against the violation of the code of conduct laid down by the Election Commission in the ongoing election campaign of the by-elections. Those found in­volved in violating the law belong­ing to any political party, strict legal action will be taken against them. Punjab government, police and the administration will provide com­plete assistance and support to the Election Commission for en­suring complete implementation on the code of conduct laid down by the Election Commission along with ensuring peaceful, transpar­ent and impartial holding of by-elections. The chief secretary and the inspector general of police have assigned a confidential monitoring task to the special branch and the secret agencies to monitor the con­duct of the field officers during by-elections.