Faisalabad - Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA)management  sensitised the general public to beware from illegal housing schemes and the fraud of their developers.

Taking serious notice of some public complaints, FDA Additional Director General Rizwan Nazir apprised the citizens of the unlawful affairs of unapproved housing schemes and advised that complete inquiry of any housing society should be done before purchasing plot for protecting their investment.  He informed that the list of FDA approved housing schemes had been uploaded/displayed at FDA website and FDA office can be contacted for seeking complete information of housing schemes relating the approval matter, layout plan, ownership of land and other concerned record.

He explained some developers unlawfully involved in selling plots without getting their housing schemes approved from FDA and committed fraud  by offering attractive incentives to the investors/citizens and showed fictitious maps of housing schemes pertaining to wide roads, public parks,  green belts, graveyard and other services which are not actually available on site.

Moreover,  in some cases ownership of land of the housing societies is also doubtful beside selling the plots beyond the available land, the FDA ADG added.

He  also revealed other issues and illegal affairs of unapproved housing schemes and said that some developers submitted applications for approval of housing schemes along with the schemes layout plan which was totally differ from actual site and the purchasers of plots have to face difficulties due to dislocation of their plots due to deviation of map. He said that operation against the illegal housing schemes was carrying out regularly and this negative trend would be discouraged strictly,

However the citizens should do their responsibility to avoid from buying plots in unapproved and illegal housing schemes.