KARACHI - Sindh chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said on Thursday that the criminals had no religion, no nationality, and no language, but they were terrorists, killers, and enemy of humanity, therefore, we should deal them accordingly instead of taking Hyderabad incident in which a young boy was killed as crime by whole community.

“A person killed a young boy at a tea shop in Hyderabad and the law has taken its course but we can’t term the incident as the crime by a particular community as a whole.”

This he said while speaking on the occasion of 44th death anniversary of a short story writer Naseem Kharal at Arts Council. The programme was organised by Sindh culture department and was attended by PPP MPA Naeem Kharal, the younger brother of Naseem Kharal, former Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Culture Minister Sardar Shah, Leading playwright Noorul Huda Shah, Journalist Ghulam Nabi Mughal and others. The Chief Minister said that Sindh was the land of sufi saints who spreaded the message of love, fraternity, and respect of everyone irrespective of his social, linguistic, religious, and other identifications. “The lap of this land- Sindh, is wide enough and it has taken everyone coming into its sphere into its arms that’s why we, the Syeds and various others who migrated here from other countries became chief ministers and ministers because we have owned it as our mother land,” he said.

Mr Shah urged all the people who had taken the law into their hands not to pollute the peace of this city, otherwise “I know how to protect the peace and people of this province,” he warned.  Speaking on the contribution of short story writer Naseem Kharal, the Chief Minister said it was the literature that reflected both good and bad values of the society. “In reflecting the bad values, it makes us to rectify and solve them while in reflection of good values in the society it makes us to emulate - often as reflection, literature presents a picture of what people think, say and do in the society,”

He quoted this comment of an anonymous literary personality and said we have gathered here to remember Naseem Kharal, a leading short story writer. Naseem Kharl in his stories highlighted injustice in the society, CM said and added Naseem had the art and know how to animate his charter with powerful dialogues and conversation.

CM warns protesters against killing of young boy at tea shop to behave, otherwise govt knows how to protect peace

His world fame story `34hon Dar’ – means 34rth gate of Sukkur Barrage, Naseem beautifully explains helplessness of a government servant who finds a body of a young lady stuck in the 34th gate of Sukkur Barrage, the CM said and added the officers went to various authorities to report the case and finally visited a number of police stations of the areas but he was sent back saying that the jurisdiction did not belong to them.

Shah quoting the story said that the helpless officer finally hands the body to the river.

The CM quoted another short story `Musawat’ in which a SP was giving the task of targeting the students who were on strike for their demands to his SHO. The SHO was reluctant to take any action against the students, but the SP directed the SHO to kill one or two students in an encounter.

When the list of the protesting students was read out most of them were the children of influential, therefore they decided to kill two Hindu students- Gopal Dass and Narain Das. At this, the son of SPO asks his father to explain the saying of ‘Bhari Beri mein Wnaiyo Bhari’ the Baniya is heavy to sail the boat.

Mr Shah said that he was not a literate person but before coming to the programme he had read excerpts of a few short stories of Naseem Kharal and discovered the reason why he had sent his nephew Sharjeel Kharal to join the police service. ‘I am sure Sharjeel Kharal would do the justice with the `animated characters of Naseem Kharal and help poor and helpless people of the society.

As far as Naeem Kharal is concerned, he is stronger than the SHO of Naseem Kharal’s story `Musawat’,Shah said and added it was his order that we all have gathered here.

Shah said that he read a quote `A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies’ was quite meaningful. “I think the reader reads many stories, feels the vibration of the characters and meets with them during his reading,” he said and added his reading of every book gave him a new life.

Mr Shah urged people to promote reading, develop reading habits in your day-to-day life. It will, of course, not only enhance your life but make it beautiful.