KARACHI - Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Saftey Shazia Atta Marri criticising the PTI chief said  on Thursday that if Imran Khan had courage, he would have faced the no-confidence motion against his ouster.  In a statement, she said that Imran Khan was brought in the government through the thief door and he ran away from that secret thief door. Marri said that firstly, Imran Khan said that he was happy when the no-trust motion was brought against him then later he tried to stop it. She added that Imran Niazi had been putting pressure on the Election Commission of Pakistan to suspend the decision on foreign funding case and PTI had requested ten times for stopping the decision on the foreign funding case. Marri further said that Imran Khan was wishing that the Election Commission would  declared him as “Sadiq and Amin” while the funding from non-prohibited and suspicious bank account was an undeniable fact. She alleged that Imran Khan received donations on the name of establishing Shaukat Khanum Trust and utilized it for his political party. While asking questions from Imran Khan, she said that Imran Khan should tell the truth that what was the cost of isolating Pakistan at global level and on whose agenda, the economy of the country was destroyed?


Marri said that Imran Khan launched a camping against Pakistan-origin Sadiq Khan during the elections of Mayor held in London while he clearly wanted Narendra Modi to win the election in India.


While slamming PTI chief, she said that the poor people in the country got poorer while Bushra Bibi and Farah Gogi became the richest by corruption while Imran Khan is only trying to save Bushra Bibi and Farah Gogi and defending their corruption scandals.