Lahore - Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has termed the detailed Supreme Court judgment on the ruling of National Assembly’s deputy speaker historic which has buried the doctrine of necessity.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said: “The false politics and the baseless allegations leveled by Ilzam Khan have also been fully exposed. The Supreme Court judgment is historic which has once again buried the doctrine of necessity.”

He said that the SC decision had exposed yet another lie of Imran Khan who had been misleading the nation continuously by telling lies.

Hamza noted that President Arif Alvi, the then prime minister Imran Khan, deputy speaker and the law minister took the oath of allegiance to the constitution but instead committed violation of the constitution. “Those violating the constitution will have to be brought in the court of law which can stop the violation of the constitution by such violators in future,” he maintained.

The chief minister welcomed the detailed judgment which clarified that the article V of the constitution had been used to violate the constitution. “Article VI will be imposed on those playing havoc with the constitution and it is the responsibility of the parliament,” he stated.

Hamza underscored that the Supreme Court judgment also buried the conspiracy narrative of PTI, and the nation has come to know the difference between the patriots and the looters. The Supreme Court clarified that no conspiracy happened, he maintained.

“The gang of the violators of the constitution who call themselves PTI was robbing the representation of the public and is still trying to do so. The people will reject this conspiracy gang in the by-elections. Those trampling upon the constitution had started threatening the courts after the Supreme Court judgment. The judiciary should also take notice of such threats and hold this gang accountable,” he added.