KARACHI - Sindh government has decided to make necessary amendments in ‘The Private Educational Institutions (Regulations and Control) Rules 2005’ to prohibit the use of drugs within the premises of the educational institutions. The legislation also aimed at imposition of Rs2 million penalty against the institutions for not following the rules regarding the ban of drugs in their premises. The provincial government principally decided that the use of drugs should be strictly prohibited in educational institutions; and if any institute would be found guilty of breaching the prescribed law, a penalty of Rs2 million would be imposed. In an official brief submitted by the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions Sindh before Minister for Education and Literacy Department Syed Sardar Shah.

It was described that it is observed that the use of drugs is common in the new generation and unfortunately, the educational institutions have no exception. In the same correspondence, Education Minister Sardar Shah was informed that the global epidemic has been killing nearly 80 million people every year of which more than 1.2 million are non-smokers, dying from passive smoking. In Pakistan, the use of tobacco has been killing almost 160,000 people every year, including 1200 children between 6 to 15 years of age. The official correspondence suggested that the education minister took serious notice of the issue and decided to wipe the social evil out from all the institutions to create healthy environment for the future generations.

Previously, a meeting was held to take an initiative and to launch an awareness campaign throughout the province to uproot the social evil. Seminars, workshops, and symposium were suggested wide participations of celebrities and dignitaries like actors, singers, poets, players, chiefs of private educational institutions, notables and officials of the ANF. Moreover, it was also decided for necessary amendment in the ‘Private Educational Institutions (Regulations and Control) Rules 2005,’ that the use of drug is strictly prohibited in the educational institutions, if any breach was found, a penalty of Rs2 million would be imposed against such institute, while the provincial government has requested to allocate Rs20 million for the campaign . Talking to media, Syed Sardar Shah told that the issue was alarming and related to our future, so the necessary legislation should be made and those who involved in selling of drugs would also not be spared. He added that in this regard all the stakeholders are on the same page and determined to eliminate the menace.