LONDON   -  Salma Hayek has revealed the secret of her fitness and  stunning physique, saying it takes just five minutes to keep in shape at 54 years of  age. The Hollywood actress, who wows fans with her amazing looks and outstanding acting skills, has come up with an intense full-body workout to keep in shape. The Desperado star said:  “I like yoga and invented an exercise routine that is five minutes and works my entire body. You are sore the next day but when you are doing it you don’t feel it.” Salma Hayek also opened up on getting older, saying: “I like my numbers. I like ¬being 54. I hated it when I turned 30 – I had a crisis. But being in my fifties, I love. I feel like I have everything. I’m really grateful and feel blessed but I will always be obsessed with evolution and growth.” It’s an accomplishment.