Operation underway to recover Pirya Kumari: SSP

SUKKUR-Sukkur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sanghaar Malik has said that operation is underway to recover 7-year-girl Pirya Kumari, missing since August 18, 2021 from Sangrar area, when she was running a ‘Sabeel’ on Ashura in Sukkur.
During a press conference on Wednesday, while responding to a question about the kidnapping of a Pirya Kumari, he said that Priya Kumari’s family did not cooperate. He said that as soon as Priya Kumari’s relatives were detained, they were asked to free them.
He said that mobile phones were off due to 10 Muharram, when the Pirya Kumari kidnapping incident happened.
He said that operations were carried out in Sindh and Balochistan for the recovery of Pirya Kumari, while operation is also being carried out in Punjab, and 300 suspects detained to recover Priya Kumari.
Sukkur police 
recover 200 buffaloes worth Rs66m
Sukkur police recovered 200 buffaloes worth of Rs66 million from Bagarji riverine area of Sukkur.
Sukkur DIG Javed Sonharo Jiskani and SSP Sukkur Sanghaar Malik while addressing a press conference here on Wednesday said that Sukkur police had launched an operation in the Bagarji riverine area and recovered the 200 buffaloes worth of Rs66 million, which were snatched by the bandits three months ago from Katchi Jhalwai Kalwari of Bagariji of district Sukkur.
They snatched buffaloes from Abdul Majid Kalwar and Mazhar Ali Kalwar, nephews of Mazhar Ali Kalwar.
They said that during the operation, police arrested Hemon Jatoi, ringleader involved in the robbery, having Rs1.5 million as head money and was wanted in multiple cases of road robberies, murders and other cases.
They said that Sukkur police also in an encounter near the railway headquarters of police station E-Section arrested one injured bandit with a car and weapons. Four more stolen cars were also recovered.
The DIG said that more than 30 robbers were arrested during the ongoing operation. He said that the robber who wants to surrender will be given legal help. He advised them to surrender to the police.
Meanwhile, the targeted operation is underway in the riverine areas of Sukkur, Ghotki and Khairpur districts.

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