Establishment will not be allowed to interfere in judiciary’s matters: CJ LHC

Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmad Khan says courts are functioning without any fear

RAWALPINDI   -   Chief Justice (CJ) of the Lahore High Court (LHC) Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmad Khan on Friday said that the courts were functioning without any fear and no one would be allowed to interfere in the matters of the judiciary.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the judicial complex E-Courts in Rawalpindi, he highlighted his instant actions upon assuming office. “I summoned a full court meeting and decided that the culture of strikes would not be tolerated. On May 13, a circular was issued to the Punjab judiciary, stating that we would not recognise any calls for strikes. Whether there is a strike call or not, we will act according to the law.”

He said that the interference in the judiciary would come to an end and would be fought with faith. Justice Khan said there was an issue of establishment’s interference in the judiciary’s matters, adding that they receive letters claiming involvement in the judicial affairs.

“The establishment’s interference in judiciary will end and my experience [tells me] that it will come to an end,” said the judge, assuring that these difficulties will end if there is fear of God. The LHC chief justice also said that he was happy that the judiciary was “fulfilling its responsibilities without any fear or greed”.

“We receive letters, complaints and oral complaints that interference is being done in the judiciary in which a few institutions — naming them is not appropriate — are involved,” Justice Ahmad said.

 “We have received other such complaints as well. Many complaints are not in written [form] as they say evidence would be demanded, which would be difficult to provide,” the LHC top judge said.

Praising the role of the lawyer’s community, the CJ noted that 90 per cent of lawyers are good professionals. LHC CJ Malik Shahzad Ahmed said the delay in verdicts of cases is the biggest problem and three generations wait for verdicts for a long period.

“The cases are delayed due to the absence of witnesses,” he said adding that he has consulted with the high court judges to resolve the issues. He said that overseas Pakistanis faced great hardships in their property cases for appearing before the Courts, adding that Pakistanis living abroad can get a video link facility by coming to the embassy.